A sudden Visitor: The Torturous Curse away from Adolescence

Nearly five years in their objective, Annie discusses new whereabouts of your own Beginning Titan in another of the brand new cites later in the day and you may finds out Kenny Ackermann. Hoping he will lead the woman into genuine queen of the Walls, Annie chooses to realize your. When Kenny finds out and faces the woman regarding it, Annie tries to hack your of the telling your that this woman is his enough time-missing child. Ineffective inside fooling your, Annie attacks Kenny and you can flees towards the sewers.

The second night, Annie participates a meeting with Reiner and you may Bertholdt. She says to Reiner one Kenny could have seen the girl face and one to she will struggle to do just about anything about Indoor MPs when the he’s there. She once more reveals going back to Marley in doing what they possess gathered yet, but Reiner claims that Marley will never be happy with the improvements once 5 years. Reiner decides to destroy Wall structure Flower so you can hasten the objective and smoke the actual King about capital if you find yourself in pretty bad shape carry out ensue inside the Trost District. Annie cards one his bundle tend to eliminate a great amount of his the brand new relatives throughout the 104th Cadet Corps, however, Reiner responses so you can the lady that they’re not household members and you may are just Eldian devils. [9]


1 year after signing up for the latest Cadet Corps, Annie participates a group routing get it done in the a team added because of the Thomas Wagner. Part means towards do it, the team observes its ODM gear got stolen. Responding, it speed up their speed in order to warn additional category. It discover other group in the midst of a dispute with a group away from theft. Annie and you can Mikasa ambush the brand new theft out of a tree, dealing with to help you disarm them, and you will conserve others class. [18]

Inside 849, Annie and Armin assist Jean from inside the searching for a wild boar to help with his cook-out of against Sasha. Despite leaving ahead, Jean’s people find themselves entirely shed, and you may return empty-handed. Later on, Jean indicates the three of these attempt to inexpensive meat out-of a teacher, but not Annie chooses out, saying winning the competition isn’t worth the threat of providing stuck. [19]

The Struggle to possess Trost arc

Shortly after graduation, the Colossal Titan looks for the Trost Region and you may trips through the outer entrance, allowing Titans into urban area.

In spite of the evacuation being done, the fresh cadets are unable to come back due to diminished fuel and are left stuck, much so you can everybody’s anxiety. Annie, Reiner and you will Bertholdt speak about what you should do 2nd, however they are disrupted by Mikasa, which asks them where Eren was. She is after that surprised to learn he, and most of their squad, have been purportedly slain in the race. Seeking continue the lady cool, Mikasa attempts to amaze men and women on action, that have Annie while some racing immediately after their to reach the fresh Head office and replenish the energy. [20] It sooner have the ability to arrive, albeit which have casualties. [21]

Into the Attack Titan fending of every Titans assaulting headquarters, Annie while some you will need to eliminate the short Titans inside. Into the plan, Conny and Sasha don’t kill its Titans, and you can Mikasa and you will Annie is actually compelled to intervene and you will rescue them, which have Annie destroying the latest Titan you to definitely Conny is actually meant to.

Pursuing the plan’s victory, Annie, Reiner, Bertholdt, Mikasa, Armin, and you can Jean stay back into take notice of the rampaging Titan. Since the Sheer Titans start to cannibalize the brand new Titan, Annie and Reiner believe they must help it, stating the Titan mejor sitio de citas sexo would be leftover live as it might serve as an effective ally. He is silenced from the eyes from Eren growing from the Titan’s nape, sharing that he’s in charge of an excellent Titan element. [21]

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