Abu Bakr’s Nearest and dearest As opposed to Fatima’s (sa) Progeny

Fatima az-Zahra (sa) following turned toward ‘Ali (as), and you may said: “I am going to perhaps not talk to them until We inquire further in the something that it heard of Allah’s Messenger (as). Once they tell the truth about this, i quickly have a tendency to plan to talk to him or her, or, perhaps not.”

It (Abu Bakr and you may Umar) said: “Of the Allah, this lady has the right to do it. In addition to, we merely speak that which is right, and testify to this that is correct.”

Umar threatened to burn our house off abreast of Fatima az-Zahra (sa), and put ‘Ali (as) less than escort so you’re able to Abu Bakr in which he had been very ashamed and you may insulted he cried bitterly on tomb of your own Prophet (S) complaining against the cures he previously obtained

She (Fatima az-Zahra (sa)) said: “I want to know by Allah, do you think of if Messenger out-of Allah entitled you out in the evening out-of an issue hence appeared with ‘Ali (as)?”

Fatima az-Zahra (sa) after that said: “I ask you by Allah (SwT), do you pay attention to him (Prophet Muhammad (S) say: ‘Fatima belongs to me i am also off the girl; the guy which offends me offends Allah (SwT) He just who offends the woman once my dying is the same as he whom offends this lady in my lifestyle; and you may, he whom offends this lady within my life is similar to the guy which offends the lady immediately following my personal death’?’

She (sa) said: “Praise be to Allah. O Allah (SwT), We keep your experience, which means you who happen to be establish testify to that; undoubtedly he has upset me personally whenever i are way of living and once my passing. Of the Allah (SwT), I shall not chat a phrase for your requirements up until I satisfy my Lord, and you may complain to Him in regards to you hence you have inflicted me with.”

Whenever Abu Bakr heard which, he wailed and you will burst during the noisy laments, and you can said: “I wish you to my mom hadn’t drill myself”.

Umar told you: “It is unusual just how some one appointed you given that protector of the points while you are not however, a dumb old-man!! You then become nervous at a great female’s fury, therefore rejoice during the her pleasure. What is wrong that have he who angers a lady?”

“Discover it’s not necessary to own Abu Bakr so you’re able to wail and you can apologize when he been able to help you amend his mistakes, neither, is there a real reason for him to-burst towards loud laments as he encountered the opportunity to return the girl estate so you can her. But, certainly the Caliph planned to get to Female Fatima’s (sa) fulfillment at the same time he was remaining the lady possessions and you may rights usurped.”

The first injustices accomplished by Abu Bakr facing Women Fatima az-Zahra (sa), paved ways to possess his young ones accomplish a comparable facing the brand new Prophet’s progeny

Sayyid Safdar Husayn, in the beneficial publication The first Reputation for Islam p.242, described the newest wrongdoings enough time of the Bakrs (this new descendants off Abu Bakr) against Fatima az-Zahra (sa) along with her descendants a number of facts. He penned:

“Record signifies that Abu Bakr himself with fuck marry kill Prijs his whole relatives (excluding Asma and her child Muhammad) was intense with the Prophet’s (as) relatives, within the utter forget about as to what the Qur’an ordained, otherwise, what the Prophet had told you regarding the regard and like getting their loved ones. We have found the list of men and women whoever aggression is uniquely marked:

step one. Abu Bakr, into the his accession to your Caliphate, delivered Umar so you can Fatima’s (sa) home to help you force ‘Ali (as), by force, in the future when you look at the and you may do fealty so you can your. Subsequently, Fatima az-Zahra (sa) are a whole lot grieved by Abu Bakr one so long as she live the girl father, she never spoke a phrase in order to Abu Bakr as well as on the girl deathbed she forbade his signing up for this lady funeral.

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