Dexter is on the device that have Lumen whenever she quickly notices a shadow within cooking area door

Lumen happens over to check on the girls while Dexter denies to a doubtful Deb that he’s from inside the your own connection with Lumen

Since Dexter and you will Lumen are losing Cole’s bagged stays out of new Cut out of Lives, Stan Liddy photos these with an effective telephoto lens.

New manhood rattles and you may she tells Dexter that somebody is trying to-break for the. The doorway together with rattles at the front. Lumen holds a knife and whispers so you can Dexter that they’re inside and you may upcoming to your their. The guy tells this lady to save brand new line unlock and you can she covers in the toilet. As it happens is only Astor along with her friend, Olivia, just who took a coach from Orlando so you’re able to Miami and you may think the fresh new family is empty.

Being unsure of how to approach Astor, Dexter requires Lumen’s advice on teenage girls. She suggests your to talk to this lady and you will display something that the guy did at their age (that he knows isn’t sensible). Lumen says he is always to reduce Astor a break and you can says her hangover was discipline adequate. Throughout morning meal, Dexter tells Astor which he would like to spend big date that have their to talk. She agrees so long as Harrison may come collectively, also. Just upcoming, Harrison phone calls Lumen “Mama” so you can every person’s amaze. Astor says to him, “She’s maybe not your own mommy. Your own mama’s deceased,” which displeases Dexter. Olivia reily try odd, as well.

Whenever you are of working, Dexter obtains a trip of Lumen, who is babysitting the three infants. She seriously tells your you to definitely Astor and Olivia have gone destroyed. The guy hurries home to come across Lumen talking-to his neighbor, Elliot Larson. Elliot watched a light van from the house and realized part of their permit dish amount, however, don’t believe one thing once the he had been clueless you to definitely an occupant is actually located in Dexter’s house.

It’s visible they truly are consuming

Dexter account new van with the police and production towards agency, in which individuals rallies doing your. The guy on light van is positioned in the a gas channel, however, he turns out to be Barry Kurt, this new sweetheart out-of Olivia’s mother who had been checking getting Olivia. The girls is actually in the future discovered at brand new shopping center, being detained to have shoplifting.

Dexter will bring Deb additionally the a few girls returning to their house, in which Lumen is actually waiting. He uncomfortably brings up Lumen to help you Deb as the their occupant.

Immediately after Deb makes, Dexter asks Astor what is going on with her consuming and shoplifting. He tells this lady you to she is pursuing the a detrimental roadway, however, the woman is uncooperative. Astor turns something right back toward your, asking on the Lumen once more. He says they’ll remain here until this woman is able to speak.

Meanwhile, Lumen notices bruises on the Olivia’s tummy, and therefore Olivia shrugs out of just like the little. Lumen, regardless of if, knows signs and symptoms of abuse and you may reveals to Dexter you to Olivia might have been beaten. Astor shows so you can Dexter one to she knew regarding Olivia and you can asks him to not ever be furious on their. She asks Dexter so you’re able to hope he wouldn’t state one thing, or Barry will keep hitting Olivia. She adds which he merely hits the girl within the locations that try not to inform you. Dexter guarantees Astor which he will cover it. When he later match that have Barry, Dexter sounds him up and instructions your to-break up with Olivia’s mommy.

During Dexter’s family, Lumen responses a visit away from Jordan Pursue, who is shopping for Dexter. He asks their in order to exchange an email, proclaiming that Dexter needs to plan a consultation, including, “Tick, tick, tick. This is the sound from his lives running-out.” Then he address contact information Lumen of the the girl first-name. She gasps and hangs up, scared.

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