The initial and you can perhaps best regarding Bart’s love passion, Jessica is actually the fresh new character’s seemingly innocent first love

Brand new daughter from Reverend Lovejoy, she was a (not-so-)secret break the rules which set Bart’s business alight on vintage year half a dozen cost ‘Bart’s Girlfriend’. But even with an exceptional turn of invitees superstar Meryl Streep (sure, really), its like wasn’t intended to be, with Jessica double-crossing Bart and using his bad reputation so you’re able to divert uncertainty out of their misdeeds. Bart’s (not-so)a label was cleaned by episode’s close but this 1 had been an excellent formative heartbreak to your character, and perhaps for the majority of romantically-minded children of your own nineties.

Greta Wolfcastle

New Legitimately Blond superstar may have been too busy to return with the part out of Rachel’s sis to the Members of the family, but Reese Witherspoon nonetheless found time and energy to gamble Bart’s sophomore like notice on the Simpsons. Greta Wolfcastle try new somewhat spoiled kids from deadpan step celebrity Rainier. Offered how fast it plot had messy it should be exactly as better one, such as for instance Witherspoon by herself, Greta finished up focusing on promoting movies over romance. She and you may Bart dated temporarily ahead of perceived neediness provided him to help you end the latest affair, only to timely strive to victory the lady back when Greta chosen so you’re able to Milhouse since a good rebound.

Gina Vendetti

An enthusiastic angsty juvie inmate, Gina are an explosive buyers exactly who Bart temporarily dates following few use from juvenile detention centers while handcuffed to every other Midnight Work on-style. Certainly one of Sarah Michelle Gellar’s post-Buffy trips, Gina and Bart’s pairing designed for a beneficial poignant little like facts, on tough love desire using hip hop because of their eliminate to possess Bart’s benefit when they are sooner caught. Here is in hopes which can undo some of the faith situations Jessica deserted.

Mary Spuckler

Starred from the The new Woman by herself Zooey Deschanel, Mary Spuckler is actually an uncommon deviation from form to the “adorkable” star. The character ‘s the girl of Cletus, the latest slack-jawed yokel, as well as for a short time appears set-to wed Bart immediately after he accidentally exchanges a calf on her behalf turn in relationship. Fortunately the brand new shotgun relationship is named away from in advance of things get also really serious, leaving Bart a free broker once again and ready to day.


Northern Haverbrook’s Darcy! Just before she try Thor’s vanishing like attention Jane, Natalie Portman starred this sixteen-year-old which temporarily schedules Bart, assuming your to-be the same years, immediately after which timely informs your he got the woman pregnant. This character might only appear 12 months eighteen’s ‘Little Huge Girl’ (and briefly in a later cameo), however, this can be a really bonkers Simpsons payment one disproves new misconception your show’s later season have nothing supply. Fans of the show should give it a try, regardless if only for a mouth-losing storyline well worth the fresh new show’s weirdest outings.

Jenny Jenkins

Played of the Anne Hathaway, the brand new unoriginally monikered Jenny Jenkins is actually a good Christian woman Bart got a quick affair with in seasons 20’s ‘The Good, The brand new Unfortunate, additionally the Drugly’. Regrettably, this new character’s unimaginative sources extended beyond the woman label, with her plot are a loose assemblage off bits cribbed off other “Bart possess partner” reports. This package symbolizes as to the reasons visitors signed up to avoid enjoying New Simpsons after seasons twelve given that, for example Greta, she becomes anywhere between Bart and you may Milhouse, eg Jessica, Bart tries to cover-up his bad side to help you woo her, and you may such Darcy, she is a little their senior.

Nikki McKenna

Played from the comedian Sarah Silverman, Nikki is good precocious next-amount push back exactly who blew gorgeous and you may cold towards Bart throughout their tumultuous one-occurrence relationship. The smoothness was most memorable having hating Bart as he preferred the girl and you can liking him as he disliked the lady, and studying a pretty blatant and you can somewhat dated Twilight dating Heterosexual dating parody. She plus turned up having a brief cameo afterwards! And that merely regular the lady one to-laugh profile trait. Nevertheless, no less than the brand new show has actually consistency.

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