The lady top arm is rolling around their elbows, and clothing is actually hidden underneath the girl brown, plaid pleated skirt

On package ways, Miu offers a steel back pack clinging from their shoulders, a couple of much time steel palms extending from it, lighting a red candle- allegedly one of this lady innovations.

Regarding the Prologue, Miu wears a white top with a good messily unbuttoned neckband, a lime plaid bow sloppily fastened for the an uneven ribbon. She has several lime hairpins to the right edge of the woman bangs. She wears dark teal lower body-high clothes and you can black colored cent loafers.


Miu means an oddball, that have an excessively sure, loud identity and you can a frighteningly clear language. She takes into account by herself a pleasant genius, each go out she opens this lady lips she spews a procession from reckless lewd feedback and you will insults, strongly getting tension into other people and seeking down on him or her. About completely new Japanese, she actually uses the japanese word “ore-sama” to refer by herself, which is noticed really arrogant and generally male. She in addition to can render most other characters insulting nicknames.

Disturbingly, she states one to she wants the person she wants to eat a little piece of the lady, that could show exactly how even if she acts strange in some instances, she doesn’t want individuals become grossed out-by the girl

However, Miu’s arrogant character appears to be merely a nose and mouth mask that may lose quite effortlessly. That it will occurs when this lady festival away from coarse language and filthy laughs in reality score answered in order to or forgotten. Following, her identity easily changes towards a shy weakling, who’s terrified out of someone else becoming annoyed with her. Because of this, she has a charm similar to a simple man.

Because the a maker, Miu is actually competent and a peculiar which treats the lady failed tactics towards the idea that “We transferred the brand new liberties with the business, therefore it is got nothing to do with me”. She has generated a myriad of unbelievable amenities both inside and you may outside the Destroying Games, but only deems this lady inventions because the an endurance when they assist the consumer to perform a role during sleep (it is possible for the reason that she suffered with a beneficial coma inside for the past). She likewise has a habit to make very bizarre, seemingly pointless inventions which are either most sexual in the wild, also a good “Link Avoid” and that informs how many people you got intercourse which have, an “Auto-Puncher you to Punches You to own Advising Dreadful Dirty Humor”, and you will a “Goin’ Commando Weapon” that will teleport undies and simply underwear. Even seemingly simple developments such as for instance Electrohammers and you may Electrobombs can have dirty innuendos, like in japan type the definition of “elect” normally comprehend as “erect”. Nonetheless, Miu is served by put their remarkable ability and work out very useful innovations as well, even in the event oftentimes these people were basics composed and you may questioned by most other college students or something like that she authored as she try bored stiff. It can be found you to definitely as the an originator, she securely believes within the research and finds out Himiko’s insistence into the actual secret and you will Angie’s discuss Atua really unpleasant.

Intended to be the “naughtiest character on series’ records”, Miu will come regarding because most twisted and you can openly claims bizarre, serious anything during the her conceited emotions, meaning almost always. She commonly claims that she only claims these to flirthookup visitors reduce the mood, however they are quite disliked of the other children. Even after will trying act prominent and appear vicious, Miu is additionally masochistic and towards the Sado maso, and you may acts very different during the her weakened-willed minutes. Even after her typical pompous behavior, she appears most uncomfortable if the anybody else actually act very submissive to your this lady, eg whenever Kaede and you will Shuichi begged on her help and she started to sweat nervously and conformed merely to cause them to become end (even if she later reported your problem turned into this lady to your). This lady has of numerous kinks, some of which she appears to casually admit, as well as slavery and you can sensuous wax (and that is found in her certified ways). She seemingly have some sort of fetish to own computers once the really, on one-point speaking suggestively on the a computer, and you may she actually is really much drawn to K1-B0. Additionally, in her own last Sparetime Event with Shuichi, she tries to promote him a cake having a piece of their hair on it. She in addition to cooked cookies together with her nails and made chocolates having the lady blood as the foods.

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