Setting technology goals for your district involves many competing ideas. Perhaps one school wants a device for every student, while another school is concerned that teachers don’t have time to learn new technology.

Summer is a great time to think about technology goals for your school or district and a good place to start is by asking these five questions.

1) What kind of technology is best for teachers?

Teachers’ schedules are already packed, and the types of technology goals you set for the district can easily overload their plates. Consider that sometimes the simplest technology can be the most useable and useful for teachers. Complicated systems that require a lot of training and time to learn take time away from teaching.

2) What do we want students to accomplish?

Consider how technology will best help students. Teachers can provide insight here, and so can parents. Are students in need of technology that will help them research, collaborate, and see teacher feedback – or all of the above? Answering these questions can help you figure out how technology can help students reach their academic goals.

3) What’s the best solution for families?

Families are a critical part of any goals for technology. Do parents have Internet access at home? Do parents have smartphones, tablets, etc.? Start by asking parents what kinds of technology they already use. This will help you set technology goals for the district or school that consider the limitation or opportunities for technology outside school.

4) What can we afford?

It’s impossible to talk about technology goals without considering the bottom line. Many software-based systems are not only complicated to install but also expensive to maintain, change, or upgrade. Be careful you don’t set technology goals that lead you to a system that you can’t afford to maintain in the long run. The industry has many affordable, easy-to-use apps that can be installed and ready to use in minutes.

5) How much time do we have?

You’ve likely answered “Zero”! This is why choosing the right technology is critical. Selecting the right devices and apps can go a long way toward significantly reducing training and implementation time frames. Not all apps require training. In fact, most apps are designed to be intuitive, so teachers can start using them right away. Consider implementing easy-to-use apps that do everything on one platform. This saves time, money, and IT headaches!

Showbie has helped schools and districts around the world set and meet their tech goals and we welcome the opportunity to work with you:

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