Matcha has been designed to give us a simple, uncluttered alternative to some of the other writing apps out there that are often packed full of menus and toolbars. This is great for students, as they are not distracted with superfluous extras and can instead concentrate on what they are there to do, write.

The first thing I noticed was the clean workspace, which is what you want in any writing app. There are tool tips at the start to help you navigate, however the design is fairly intuitive and it was easy to jump right in and get writing. If you do get stuck, you can always turn the tool tips back on. Your documents can be structured with sections, headers, block quotes, etc. You can also include multilevel lists, numbers, and checkboxes. The menu bar above your keyboard slides, giving you options to add a photo, images, links, tables etc.

Students (and teachers!) will the app’s five typefaces (font families) and, more importantly, the customizable themes! All 12 of them have been designed to create a relaxing, peaceful writing environment to let student creativity blossom. Matcha has full external keyboard support and, of course, Showbie integration.

Cost? Normally $4.99… but today it’s FREE! I’m not sure how long it will stay like this so I recommend downloading and sharing while you can. Download Matcha here 


Overall, this app is nicely designed, intuitive and has lots of potential to be used in conjunction with Showbie in your paperless classroom. I think students will really enjoy it so if you get a chance to try it, let me know! Please leave any feedback in the comment section below 🙂

Check out How to Save Matcha Into Showbie by Showbie Team on Snapguide.

Justin is a teacher & edtech evangelist from Melbourne, Australia. He moved to California to join Imagine K12 as a startup founder & currently writes for Showbie.

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