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There are many reasons for why a teacher would want to change or remove their class code. In some cases, students will join your class using multiple accounts (if this is the case, you should also check out how to reset their password if they’ve forgotten it). It also might be possible that the code has been over-shared, and now you’re dealing with blocking outside students who attempt to join.

Either way, there’s an easy fix for this that involves little effort and results in saved time (and saved headaches).

How to reset your class code:

  • Tap on your class
  • Tap the wrench
  • Tap Class Settings
  • Tap on the refresh arrow to get a new class code

Wanting to copy your class to a new school year? Fortunately, when you use the copy class feature, a new classroom code is generated. If you want to make sure new students can’t join your class, but aren’t ready to copy it just yet, you can archive it to ensure it stays hidden until you’re ready to copy it.

Want to find out more about how you can manage class codes? Check out Showbie’s support article on all things class code related.

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