Showbie 3.0 introduces Showbie Groups, an exciting new feature that can be used in countless ways to improve collaboration and communication between teachers, students, parents and more!

In the following weeks, we’ll be exploring just some of the ways you can use groups to improve the way you communicate in and out of the classroom. In the meantime, here are some ideas to get you started. Stay tuned for more in-depth looks at each one, which I’ll be posting soon.


Summer is the season for edtech conferences, and Showbie Groups can help you stay connected while you’re browsing booths and planning which events and presentations you’ll attend. In the following weeks we’ll be rolling out Showbie Groups for edcamps and conferences like ISTE and iPadpalooza to help all attendees stay in the loop! Keep an eye on Showbie’s Twitter for how you can be a part of these groups and stay connected!

Staff Rooms

Teachers were already finding ways to share resources in Showbie (see our previous Showbie Shortcut post), but now it’s easier than ever. Showbie Groups allows you to make teacher-centric groups across schools, districts and beyond to share assignment ideas, files, make announcements and more!

Student Projects

The need for students to have a way to collaborate on group projects in Showbie has been a popular feature request for a while now, so we’re proud to say that group projects are now as simple as adding students to their group. Students can now share files and work together on projects all within Showbie.

Parent Announcements

Have an upcoming event that you’d like to alert parents of, or a field trip permission form you need to send out? Easily coordinate with parents by creating a group to announce events and keep everyone on the same page.

We’ll be writing about even more ways to use Showbie Groups to your advantage, so keep checking back! And feel free to share any ideas you have about how you’d like to use groups in or out of the classroom in the comments section.

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