We all know that paperless classrooms help students and teachers stay organized and save teachers trips to the printer, but are the paper savings significant enough to impact your school budget?

To help you find out, we’ve created a paperless savings calculator. You can easily discover your savings by adjusting the values for teachers, students and assignments on the sliders below.

Save calculating… with Showbie!

Based on a 36 week school year, $0.03 per page and 2 pages per assignment.

Not using USD? You can find out your paperless savings in additional currencies here.

To provide some context, in her blog, Showbie Champion Kristi Meeuwse stated that her school saves $21,000 a year as a result of going paperless by reducing and cutting out the money spent on paper usage, copies, ink and toner.

Educator Kelly Turcotte, who we covered in a case study, also told us that she had over 4,500 documents in Showbie in one year, and she’s proud of the results:

“I can’t tell you how much we save by not printing paper! I’m on year 2 of using Showbie and Amanda tells me I have over 4,500 documents. I’m one of 14 teachers in my school, too.”

In apps like Showbie, going paperless is as easy as snapping a photo of your assignment and sharing it with your students — or even by creating a digital assignment.

Surprised by how much going paperless can save you? Request a free trial of Showbie Pro for your school to see even more benefits of going paperless.

As Showbie’s community journalist, Katie is eager to explore the latest information in education and classroom technology. When she isn’t scribing her next story for Showbie, she's researching the next big thing in schools around the world. Email tips and ideas to katie@showbie.com

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