We often come across interesting stories about how teachers are using Showbie. As a cold, snowy winter comes to an end for many of us, we wanted to share how kindergarten teacher Stephanie Weber from Auburn School District in Maine uses Showbie to teach San Diego kindergarten students about snowy winter activities in her neck of the woods.

Showbie: Can you please tell us about yourself?

SW: I am 26 years old and live in Maine with my husband and my two Brittany Spaniels, Arrow and Denali. I began teaching by volunteering at my local skating club coaching skating classes for ages 3-5. It was through coaching that I found my passion in teaching. I have a bachelors degree in elementary education and am currently working on my masters degree in educational technology from the University of Maine.

Showbie: Have you always taught kindergarten?

SW: Yes. I am currently in my 4th year of teaching at Washburn School in Auburn, Maine.

Showbie: What’s the best part about being a kindergarten teacher?

SW: Helping students fall in love with learning. I love how much creativity and imagination students have and hope to help foster the love of learning and creativity in each of my students.

“The best part as a teacher was allowing students to voice their learning and explain their thinking. Showbie is an essential tool at my school.”

Showbie: How did you first learn about Showbie?

SW: I was browsing through the app store for paperless classroom tools. I read the capabilities and features of Showbie and knew it would be a game changer for my students’ learning.

Showbie: What problems were you trying to solve with Showbie?

SW: When I learned about Showbie, I was searching for a tool that would allow me to customize instruction based on each individual student’s learning needs and interests, as well as a way to monitor students’ learning and progress while I am at school or when there is a substitute teacher. Showbie has allowed me to post student’s learning targets so that they are now able to track and monitor their own progress and growth on the app, as well as share their learning with others.



Showbie: Can you share how you are using Showbie to teach young students in southern California about snow?!?

SW: Angela Lotfey, a colleague and friend of mine, began her first year at Design39 Campus this year team teaching a K/1 class. My class has used Showbie to collaborate on a book using Book Creator to teach Ms. Lotfey’s class about winter activities in Maine. In return, Ms. Lotfey’s class is creating a book for my class using Book Creator about winter in San Diego.


If you are a teacher and use Showbie in a unique way, we’d love to hear from you: kelly@showbie.com.


About Stephanie Weber

Stephanie is a kindergarten teacher at Washburn School in Auburn, Maine. You can follow her on Twitter at @MrsWeber207 

Director of Marketing

As the marketing lead for Showbie, Kelly gets the opportunity to combine her passions for marketing and learning, and is always seeking ways to delight customers. In her spare time she can be found on her bike, horse, or cross country skis, or giving back to the community through chairing a local school lunch program.

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