Showbie Shortcuts

As a workflow app with so many possibilities, we want to make sure all of our users are getting the most out of Showbie. To help, this is the first in a series of shortcuts that let you know some of the ways you can use Showbie to your advantage.

Our first Showbie Shortcut comes from @RoxyGirlTeacher — a grade eight math teacher, Showbie Champion, and all around passionate educator. Recently, she was having issues translating instructions for a Spanish speaking student in her classroom using Showbie.

As a solution to this, she discovered she could easily share Spanish translated text from the Google Translate app right into Showbie!

Right now I am using the Google Translate app on my iPad and putting the translations for her in the Showbie Assignment. My goal is to show her how to translate the assignment in Showbie.

As a result, both @RoxyGirlTeacher and her student are now able to easy facilitate their language barrier, all while saving time and energy!

Have any other useful tips for how you use Showbie? Tweet us @Showbie and let us know.

As Showbie’s community journalist, Katie is eager to explore the latest information in education and classroom technology. When she isn’t scribing her next story for Showbie, she's researching the next big thing in schools around the world. Email tips and ideas to

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