NOTE: This is an older post, and many of the YouTube links no longer work. If you’d like to see the latest and greatest Showbie tutorial videos from real teachers, you can find an updated version of this post here.

Many teachers rolling out iPads have discovered time savings and power of Showbie in their paperless classroom. Here’s our top 10 list of teacher and trainer videos!

1. Traditional Vs. Digital Workflow using Showbie

by Kristen Olsen

How do we distribute materials to our students? We can use the traditional workflow of finding materials, printing, copying and then distributing to students. Teachers could also save time by using digital tools like Showbie or Explain Everything to distribute the same materials in a fraction of the time.

2. The Keynote/Showbie Classroom Workflow

by Michael Sammartano

A description of how I use Keynote for iOS and Showbie to distribute iPad content and collect/assess student work.

3. Showbie vs Edmodo Time Efficiency

by schroedermath

Two students side by side familiar with both apps. Have been told to do exactly as the would in class when asked to do these functions with the iPad.

4. Notability and Showbie

by Lindsay Welch

Explains in 2 mins or less how to use Notability and Showbie!

5. iPad Basics – Submitting a Voice Note in Showbie

by Juan Carlos Robaina

Students can use this video to review how to submit a voice note in Showbie for assignments throughout the semester.

6. Video feedback with Showbie and Explain Everything

by deferrers newtech

A short video demonstrating how to use Showbie and Explain Everything to provide students with video feedback, without having to compress the file.

7. Using Showbie (with Pages)

by CanbyBiology

How to use Showbie in the classroom (with Pages).

8. iPadagogy – App Review – Showbie Video Tutorial

by iPadagogy

This app review looks at Showbie, a great way to set, collect and mark assignments on your iPad. The paperless office has arrived.

9. Using Showbie to Get and Submit Homework Assignments

by Bmessingerbarnes1

10. Showbie App Tutorial for Staff

by Nichole Carter

CEO & Co-Founder of Showbie. Colin is passionate about helping teachers streamline their 1:1 device classrooms with simple, easy to use tools.

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