Showbie Trainer Resources

Training Showbie schools is as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Send us information on your training session

First, you will need to inform the Showbie team to issue short-term (14-30 days) Showbie Pro licenses to your training contact (so they’ll be all set up and ready to go!) and will ensure that your training sessions are logged for any future commissions.
Please complete this form at least 2 business days before you host a training session.

2. Help yourself to some resources

We’ve created a wide range of materials – from presentations to brochures to case studies – that you can use in your sessions. These materials can be found below or from within Showbie using group code DRLE4. (Can’t find what you’re looking for? Let us know and we’ll do our best to get you what you need.)

3. Get a school quote

If a school you provided training to requests a quote (well done you!), please complete this form and we will take care of creating and sending a quote on your behalf. You’ll be copied on the quote submission. Just a reminder that you will receive a commission, per the Agreement, on revenue generated from schools in which you provided training, from one year of the last training session you conducted.

Training Resources

Join the Showbie Group and download all these resources directly into your Showbie account!

Join Group

(or use group code DRLE4 in Showbie to join)

About Showbie Presentation

Need a presentation deck to present Showbie to teachers or school staff? Download this presentation! (Presenter’s notes are included, so you know what to talk about with each slide.)

About Showbie [with presenter notes].001

Download PDF | Download Presenter’s Notes PDF
Download Keynote with Presenter’s Notes
(Download and install this font for above Keynote)

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Sales Brochures

We’ve put together a sales brochure that sums up how Showbie can do to help transform and simplify a classroom’s workflow. Send this to fellow teachers who would like a quick rundown of what Showbie can help them do! Select your language/region below to download the PDF.


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Showbie Essentials

Transform your classroom with Showbie’s workflows and features from setting up your class to engaging with students and parents in groups! As a ‘lighter’ LMS, Showbie is the perfect balance between classroom engagement, and school-wide success with your technology goals. (A PDF version can be found below the video.)

Watch the Showbie Essentials video in Norwegian or Finnish!


Download the PDF

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Showbie Pro Resources

If you’re using Showbie Pro, the video and document below help you use the app to its fullest potential! They outline key features of Showbie Pro and how to use them.


Download the PDF

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Seesaw versus Showbie

Showbie or Seesaw or both? We are often asked what the differences are between Showbie and Seesaw. Rather than provide our perspective on what makes each app unique, we reached out to a group of teachers who use or have used both apps to get their point of view.


Download the PDF

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The Essential 3 App Classroom Solution

Schools looking for an effective implementation of technology to enhance their teaching and learning often fail to establish a clear base line of operation for the technology. In response to this, Joe Moretti (Apple Distinguished Educator and Trainer in the UK) developed a 3 app strategy as a bottom line for minimum effective use of technology in the learning space. Read the blog post here. (PDF version below.)

3-app solution
Download the PDF

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Paperless Savings Calculator

From ink to paper to maintenance, printing costs add up. Going paperless is not only great for the environment, it has a huge financial impact on your school budget. Some schools using Showbie are saving $21,000 USD a year by going paperless. Find out how much your school can save by adjusting the sliders below.

Save calculating… with Showbie!

Based on a 36 week school year, $0.03 per page and 2 pages per assignment.

Not using USD? You can find out your paperless savings in additional currencies here.

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Teacher Success with Showbie

2018 Survey

Teachers who use Showbie love how it transforms their classrooms into engaging, collaborative, and organized learning environments. How do we know? We asked them. Download the PDF in your language to learn more.


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Case Studies

How has Showbie impacted learning and teaching in schools? We have case studies from schools and districts across the globe who have shared their success stories. Below is a curated list of case studies, but you can also check out the rest of our case studies here.

  • Australia: Brisbane State High School – Web | PDF
  • Australia: East Hills Girls Technology High School – Web | PDF
  • Norway: Karmøy Kommune – Web | PDF
  • United Arab Emirates: Foremarke School Dubai – Web | PDF
  • United Kingdom: Harrogate Grammar School – Web | PDF
  • United States: Azle Independent School District – Web | PDF
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Classroom Posters

We’ve created some posters to share in your classrooms on various topics in education! Download and print the posters below.

Digital citizenship

How YOU can be an Online Superhero


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Showbie Showcase

This classroom uses Showbie


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10 Tips on How to Make Your Classroom GREENER


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Showbie Logos

Need a Showbie logo to slap onto your slides? Download this kit to get all the Showbie logos and their guidelines.

Download logo kit

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