Ways to innovate teaching and learning with Showbie

We recently ran a competition amongst our Showbie Certified Educators where they had to show how Showbie had positively impacted their teaching and learning, in-class or remotely, with an explanation and a video and/or photo.

Here’s what our three lucky winners had to say:

“All lessons that were delivered remotely featured Showbie. We delivered the same timetable that we would normally have done if we had been teaching the whole class in school so it was important that there was a familiar, consistent and reliable space for children to access and submit work. All communication about how to access Zoom calls, morning form chats and lesson materials were uploaded. Students knew they Showbie was their first port of call to receive instructions/feedback.”

Lisa Whittaker – Bolton School Boys’ Division
View Lisa’s video here, demonstrating how Showbie has helped engage students during the period of remote learning.

“In class I distribute all my work via Showbie, our class is completely paperless and our children complete their work and submit on Showbie for grading and feedback. I use voice notes and video to deliver feedback and I believe children receive a higher quality feedback experience which has helped improve progress. Our use of Showbie enabled us to make a seamless transition to remote learning, and children were able to replicate what we did in class at home. Our parents also now have a greater understanding of how we work in school, and communication via Showbie during remote learning was crucial in supporting their children.”

Matthew Squires – Inglewood Junior School
Click here to see how Matthew utilizes his Showbie classes during the transition to remote learning.

During this difficult time where we are away from our children, learning has still continued for all our students thanks to Showbie. Children can access daily lessons live with easy to follow instructions. Marking and feedback is almost instant and having our children engage and be happy has really motivated our teaching staff.”

Manisha Patel – The Olive Tree Primary School
View Manisha’s video here to see how the students are engaging in the lesson using Showbie.


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