When purchasing affordable styli for your students, it’s good to remember that while they should work well in the beginning, they won’t last forever. Bulk sets for purchase online range in price and as for quality… you get what you pay for!

So why not buy the most expensive set and call it a day (or year)? Consider this: if the tip of a stylus gets dirty or collects oils from fingertips, the stylus will start to catch, drag, or even scratch the device — no matter the advertised quality of the stylus. So if this type of stylus treatment is inevitable in your classroom, lower quality but more affordable stylus sets could be exactly what you need. Here are the some of the more economical and sets and where to buy them online:

Chromo Universal Stylus

These come in a pack of 12, one of every colour. The stylus is 4.5 inches (just over 11cm) which is under the average pen length, but long enough for most. Pros: They are very light, which can be better for younger students with slower motor control. Cons: Probably the lowest quality stylus on the list. Avoid this one if you can.

ChromoRainbowPrice: $13.86
Price per stylus: $1.16
Where to buy: Sears Online
Rating: ☆☆

Cambond – 2 in 1 Slim

These come in a pack of 10, and if you are buying a few sets off Amazon you may qualify for free shipping. Pros: 2 in 1 – meaning that one end is a pen and the other is a stylus. Cons: The plastic clips will most likely break, which means kids run the risk of losing a pen and a stylus at the same time!

cambondPrice: $10
Price per stylus: $1
Where to buy: Amazon
Rating: ☆☆☆☆

Chromo Ultra-Glide Mesh Tip

The idea behind a mesh tip is that it decreases friction for smoother writing and a better overall experience. Truth be told, at this end of the quality spectrum (low) the difference may not be noticeable. Pros: A step up in quality when compared to the Chromo Universal. Cons: Yet fewer color options.

meshtipPrice: $12.99
Price per stylus: $1.45
Where to buy: Amazon
Rating: ☆☆☆


Pros: Better quality when compared to the other cheap styli in this review. Also, they each have a 3.5mm plug for easy carrying, which his means students can attach their stylus to the device. Cons: Slightly more expensive per stylus than the others, and they come in a pack of 6, which you can hardly call a bulk set.

iDream365Price: $9
Price per stylus: $1.50
Where to buy: Amazon
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

Misprint Crayon Stylus

While researching for this article I came across these ‘misprint’ sets of crayon sized styli. They come in a set of 24 (perfect!) however I’m not sure how many the seller has in stock, so I suggest getting in quick with this deal!  Pros: Price! They work out to be 62 cents a stylus. They are also thicker and larger in shape which, for younger children, may be easier to hold. Cons: Unlike the other ‘crayon’ sized styli out there, these have a metal body, making them heavier than the plastic body styli.


Price: $14.95
Price per stylus: $0.62
Where to buy: Amazon
Rating: ☆☆☆☆


If you have used any of these with your students or have your own favorites, let us know in the comments below!

Thank you for reading – Justin

Justin is a teacher & edtech evangelist from Melbourne, Australia. He moved to California to join Imagine K12 as a startup founder & currently writes for Showbie.

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