Getting students excited about learning is at the top of every teacher’s list. But have you thought about how personalized learning can actually get the entire class more engaged? When students feel included and heard, they are more likely to speak up and become an active part of the class. This leads to a greater sense of community and engagement for the entire class. Try these tips to help personalize learning for your students.

1) Use technology to connect with other teachers

Technology is a great way to chat with your peers about students you share. When teachers are on the same page about how to help each child learn, they create a cohesive strategy across all classrooms. Consider using an app to create an online group where you can collaborate and easily store your conversations.

2) Ask students about their personal experiences

Like all of us, students bring their own personal experiences and perspectives to learning. Try asking students about how their personal experience relates to what you’re teaching. You may be surprised by what insights students have and how their experiences can spark a fruitful classroom discussion.

3) Use technology to provide timely feedback

Classroom management apps can help you assign work, track deadlines and missed assignments, and complete your grading on one platform. This speeds up the grading process and gets personalized feedback to students more quickly. Students also see personalized encouragement that’s tailored for them.

4) Consider moving IEP meetings online

Coordinating schedules for in-person IEP meetings can be tough. Technology can help. Classroom management apps are great for collaborating online, and these apps are perfect for creating a secure environment where the IEP teams can talk. Parents can even be added to the conversation easily.

5) Use technology to talk to every student

Not every student feels comfortable talking in class, but technology can provide a great venue for students to voice their opinions. Use a classroom management app to post voice notes and student responses. You can also use an app to create a personal online conversation, which you can then use to segue into a live classroom discussion.

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