Many classrooms experimenting with ways to use the iPad in learning look to video as the ultimate promise of Authentic Assessment. There is probably no better way to prove that a student really understands a concept than to have them demonstrate what they have learned with a real world application.

Recently, I was speaking with a science teacher who had students use the iPad to record the process of completing the science lab. As the students were going through each phase of the lab assignment, they would record the processes they were doing and explain what they had done.

The students edited their videos in iMovie and submitted them into Showbie for the teacher to review. Selected videos were dropped into the Showbie Shared folder for the assignment for all students to review.

The results, explained the teacher, were pretty staggering:

1. Increased interest and participation in the lab
2. Creativity in responses
3. Over 10% improvement in results in the unit summative assessment compared to prior cohorts

Watch this short clip demonstrating how video can be turned in from student iPads and reviewed by teachers using Showbie

At Showbie we are passionate about encouraging creativity on classroom tablets. Showbie supports 1000s of content producing apps on the App Store and here’s a few¬†we’ve recorded videos on.

The free edition of Showbie supports the adding of video clips of up to 1 min in length. Showbie Pro offers longer video options.

CEO & Co-Founder of Showbie. Colin is passionate about helping teachers streamline their 1:1 device classrooms with simple, easy to use tools.

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