The strength of an education system is based on many aspects, professional development being a key component. Investment in frequent and relevant professional development is crucial in ensuring that educators continue to develop skills and knowledge to deliver the best possible learning outcomes for young people.

Finding time for professional development in schools continues to be a challenge, especially if it has not been built into the school timetable. However, if we take the notion that investing in developing educators is a key factor in improving educational outcomes for students, then professional development has to be a priority in any educational organization.

As a result, it makes sense that technology companies are not just creating impactful tools but are also investing in professional development training programs. Training programs designed in collaboration with experienced educators that support leadership teams to ensure the ‘Ed’ comes before the ‘tech’ in any ‘Edtech’ implementation.

Without a considered approach for technology that is simple, reliable and adds value to pedagogical practice, it is entirely possible that schools could continue to invest heavily in technology that is ineffective and under used. The past is littered with unused technology and expensive purchases like the interactive part of the interactive whiteboards, or LMS’s that are akin to gym memberships – paid for but not used effectively.

In my role as Vice President of Learning at Showbie Inc., I envision a path of professional development and strategic collaborative support for school leadership teams. This will go beyond embedding the use of Showbie and other technology based tools effectively. The training and support will include partnering with research based organizations to help shape school policy, developing pedagogical practice and making a measurable difference to schools.

I am delighted to be working with the Showbie team to launch the ‘Showbie Certified Educators’ program. This is the first step in developing a certified teacher development program designed by educators for educators. The program will continue to focus on using newly developed Showbie tools that add value to teacher practice and help you to build your skills, whilst fully utilizing the features of both Showbie Pro and Socrative Pro.

When you apply to become a Showbie Certified Educator, you’ll begin by accessing a variety of resources and questions about how Showbie and Socrative have impacted your day-to-day activities in and out of the classroom. You’ll then complete the Showbie Certified Educator course, which will take you through the features of the platforms, focussing on four key areas:

  • Reducing workload
  • Student engagement
  • Assessment
  • Efficiencies

The program is available to all Showbie Pro and Socrative Pro teachers who want to get the most out of their subscription, so please do sign up and get started. Click here to apply to become a Showbie Certified Educator.

Abdul Chohan is a teacher of 17 years based in Bolton, UK. He was the former Principal and CEO of a Multi Academy Trust based in the UK. He is known for his pioneering work on mobile based learning at Essa Academy, Bolton, UK. Over the last 5 years, as Director of ThinkSimple Ltd, Abdul has been working with leadership teams globally to develop digital learning strategies in education. He is currently the Vice President of Learning at Showbie Inc.

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