Editor’s note: To celebrate upcoming Earth Day, we are re-posting an article about the environmental impact of going paperless in your classroom. Happy reading, and happy Earth Day!

Going to paperless classrooms is more than just saving trips to the printer and doing away with lost assignments, it’s about changing how we use paper as a resource.

While no classroom should go completely without paper, apps like Showbie get rid of the unnecessary use of paper that ends up littering our classrooms and causing problems for everyone — including the earth!

To celebrate Earth Day, we thought we’d highlight some of Showbie’s biggest paperless contributions to saving not only your sanity, but the environment too. In total, Showbie has…

The saved paper would stack 38 miles high.
Saved Pages
If you’re counting that’s…
21,434 Trees
It’s enough paper to…
Hug Earth
1.9 Times
Or, to make it…
The saved paper would stack 38 miles high.
20% of the way
To the Moon
It would take…
Bob Ross
10 Days
To paint all those happy little trees
That’s 10 full days of this!

To help you get more environmentally conscious this Earth Day, here’s an article featuring 3 Apps that help with environmental stewardship via Edutopia

You can also check out these 16 educational resources for Earth Day via Free Technology For Teachers

One of the easiest ways to celebrate Earth Day with your students? Show how they’re contributing to a healthier world by sharing these paper-saving stats with them.

Happy paperless Earth Day from all of us here at Showbie!

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