When we first introduced Showbie Pro, we wanted to give teachers most impactful and efficient toolkit for providing feedback to their students. Over the years, Showbie has grown and changed, and so have the classrooms in which it’s used. We’re proud and humbled that over 40,000 teachers worldwide now depend on Showbie Pro not only to provide student feedback, but as a cornerstone of their digital classrooms.

Today, we’re excited to introduce a new member of our product family: Showbie Pro Plus. This package is designed for school and district leaders who are deploying Showbie as a mission-critical element of their technology strategy, and who want to get the most out of Showbie not only in every classroom, but across their entire organization.

Whether your back-to-school plans include in-person teaching, remote learning, or a hybrid of the two, Showbie Pro Plus includes all the tools you’ll need for ambitious, successful Showbie implementations:

Integrated Video Chat


Deliver live lessons, host class discussions, and meet with students, parents, and teachers. Showbie Video Chat powers your remote or hybrid classroom setup with features like:

  • Start a chat with up to 50 simultaneous room members
  • Video streaming with up to 12 participants at a time, with audio chat for additional room members
  • Secure chat access based on your Showbie class membership
  • Available on any device via both the Showbie iOS app and web app
  • Screen sharing and video chat recording available on desktop via the web app

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Admin Reports and Analytics

Get actionable insights on the success and utilization of Showbie across your school or district. Showbie admin reports give you key insights on the efficacy of your technology implementation at a school-wide level.

For students, this includes a 30-day count of their group chat contributions, class discussion contributions, and assignment contributions. When student engagement is monitored, teachers can easily identify students in need of extra resources and intervene early, resulting in more positive student outcomes.

You’ll see your teachers at work through the number of assignments created and the number pieces of graded work completed, and be able to identify the most active and least active teachers as a peer-mentoring opportunity to help all teachers see the value in online learning tools.

Unlimited Upload Sizes

Go beyond Showbie Pro’s 250mb file size limit, giving your teachers and students free rein to share and archive video and multimedia content to their hearts’ content.

Auditor Oversight

Give your school leaders or external stakeholders convenient access to audit and inspect Showbie classes and assignments across your entire school or school district.

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Exam Mode

For open-book testing, Showbie’s read-only Exam Mode allows your students to refer to their Showbie assignment materials during a secure assessment, while eliminating the possibility that Showbie could be used as a communication tool during the test.

MDM Configuration

Deploy the Showbie iOS app with custom MDM settings that let you control how Showbie can be accessed and used on managed student devices.

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Premium Personalized Training with Abdul Chohan

Every Showbie Pro Plus subscription comes with a three hour training and onboarding session from our VP of Learning, Abdul Chohan, custom-tailored to your school’s needs.

Showbie Pro Plus is available now. Contact Us to learn more!

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